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I’ve always had a creative touch and dabbled with cameras and content creation. It wasn’t until Co**id hit that I fully committed to my passion.

I found my calling in capturing moments and telling stories through my lens. Today, I’ve sharpened my skills in various wedding scenarios, from scorching hot 38-degree days to chilly and rainy days at wineries.

You can find me hiking and searching for the best sunset photography locations in my spare time. I aim to capture the raw, authentic moments that make your wedding special.

As a content creator, I believe in being discreet, allowing the day to unfold while blending in with guests and the bridal party.

@ Utopia, Waterfallgully

Before entering the field professionally, I worked as a disability support worker, where I learned the value of empathy and patience. I still visit my former clients from time to time. On your wedding day, I also strive to showcase the beauty of the venue and all the details that make the day unique.

About Kalf Productions

I wanted to make high-quality content accessible for everyone, no matter their budget.

That’s why I created Kalf Productions, to be your go-to for capturing all of life’s most special moments. From big weddings with 250+ guests to intimate elopements, engagements & family events.

We’ve covered you with high-quality artistic Video & Photo. Check out our services here and if your ready to have a chat then send us a email ⬇️

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