The Big 12h Day! A Timeline Guide

The Ultimate 12-Hour Wedding Day Photography Timeline: Don’t Miss a Moment!

Planning is key to capturing the magic of your wedding day. Our 12-hour photography package is designed to ensure we cover every cherished moment, from the pre-wedding jitters to the last dance of the night. Here’s a rundown of how we typically structure a 12-hour day to get the most out of it for you.

The 12-Hour Wedding Day Timeline (11:30 am – 11:30 pm)

Pre-Wedding Moments

  • 11:30 am – 12:30 pm: Our team arrives for the “groom getting ready” shots. It’s all about those raw emotions and the fun atmosphere before the ceremony.
  • 1 pm – 2:30 pm: We capture the bride’s preparation. We ensure we get everything from the dress to documentary-style footage and candid shots.

The Ceremony & Portraits

  • 2:30 pm – 3:15 pm: Time for some stunning bridal portraits. This is where we focus solely on you.
  • 4 pm – 5 pm: The ceremony is the heart of your day. We cover it from multiple angles, ensuring all essential moments are captured, including immediate family photos.

The Celebration

  • 5 pm – 6 pm: Now, we switch to bridal parties and couple portraits. This session is all about fun and love.
  • 6 pm – 6:30 pm: A buffer time to relax, mingle, and even sneak in a cocktail.
  • 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm: Speeches and dinner. This is where we capture all the emotions and reactions, from laughter to tears.

Into the Night

  • 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm: Golden hour photos. We aim to capture you in the best light possible as the sun sets.
  • 9 pm – 9:30 pm: The first dance marks the start of your life together; it’s a must-capture moment.
  • 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm: Open dance floor and candid shots. We stick around to catch those spontaneous, fun, and heartwarming moments.

Tips for Budgeting Your Time

  • 10 minutes: To greet family & friends after the ceremony.
  • 30 minutes: For family photos.
  • 10 minutes: To get a drink and take a breather.
  • 60 minutes: For the bridal party and couple session.
  • 20-30 minutes: To capture that perfect sunset lighting.

Why a 12-Hour Package?

A 12-hour package offers a relaxed pace and allows for buffer times, which can be incredibly useful for unexpected delays or additional photo sessions. It ensures you take time with all parts of your day and gives us plenty of opportunities to capture stunning photos and videos you’ll cherish forever.

Whether you’re planning an elaborate celebration or a more intimate affair, our 12-hour package ensures every moment is captured beautifully.

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