17 Golden Wedding Tips

Prepare for the Wedding

Make your wedding day not just about the ceremony but also about self-care. Enjoy a spa day, perhaps a massage, and quality time with loved ones. The more relaxed you are, the better you’ll look and feel on the day.

Use Rice Paper Confetti

Opt for rice paper confetti. Not only does it dissolve quickly, making clean-up a breeze, but it’s also eco-friendly. Venues often prefer it over traditional confetti options.

Double Up on Petals

If you opt for a petal shower, remember petals are heavier than you think and fall to the ground quickly. To extend the duration of the petal shower, consider doubling the amount you initially thought you’d need.

Start with Family Photos

Kick off your photography session with family portraits. Kids & older adults first. Not only does this free up time later, but it also ensures everyone looks their best. Have a list prepared in advance to make the process smoother.

Keep Family Photos Organized

When taking group photos, start with the biggest groups and then whittle down to smaller family units. This approach is efficient, making it easier to manage everyone’s time.

Use the Venue for Bridal Party Photos

Your chosen venue isn’t just a backdrop for your vows; it’s also a perfect setting for your bridal party photos. Make use of the scenery and architecture that drew you to the venue in the first place.

Consider an Off-site Photo Session

If you’re lured by the idea of unique photo ops away from your venue, plan this and allocate sufficient time so you will feel comfortable.

Bridal Party Photos Should Be Fun

Stiff and staged photos are so last decade. Encourage your bridal party to be themselves, resulting in more candid and natural photos. But don’t worry. We will help with that 😉

Send the Bridal Party to the Reception Early

After the bridal shoot, the bridal party can mingle with guests at the reception while you snag some intimate shots with your newly minted spouse. Or you’ll be hearing ( Get a room! ) while trying to kiss your wife/hubby.

Prioritize Early Speeches

Early speeches reduce the risk of overly “spirited” revelations. It helps maintain the flow of the event and keeps everyone’s attention.

Hire a DJ or MC

Trust a professional to manage the flow of your wedding—from announcements to music transitions—so you can soak up every moment worry-free.

Consider Nighttime Photos

Especially appealing in winter weddings where the sun sets sooner, nighttime photos can add a magical and romantic touch to your photo album. Why not add a smoke flare, too?

Plan Games and First Dance

Break the ice and keep the energy up with games and a well-timed first dance. It’s a seamless way to transition from formalities to party mode.

Consider Sparkler Photos or Mock Exits

Plan a sparkler photo session or mock exit earlier in the night with a smaller crowd for easier logistics and increased safety.

Consider Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Go beyond the highlight reel with unedited, raw footage of your wedding day. It makes for an intimate and genuine watch for anniversaries to come. We’ve got you covered. 

Be Flexible with the Date

Life happens. Be prepared with a contingency plan that allows you to reschedule your wedding without any additional stress or financial burden.

Do an Engagement Shoot

This is your trial run with your photographer, helping both parties get comfortable with each other and setting expectations for the big day.

Bonus Tips

  • Create a Keepsake Video: Capture candid moments behind the scenes. These can be precious mementos for later anniversaries.
  • Plan for a Sunset Photo Session: The “golden hour” light can offer unparalleled opportunities for dreamy and dramatic photos.
  • Games and Activities: Games like scavenger hunts can add a layer of fun and interaction among your guests.
  • Plan the First Dance Strategically: Placing the first dance at the end of formalities acts as a curtain-raiser for everyone to enjoy the fun.
  • Have a Plan for Date Changes: Life is unpredictable; having a flexible date plan can save you a lot of stress.

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