Monica and Rod’s Wedding Kick-Off at Darwin Ski Club

Monika + Rod

Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to film a wedding at the Darwin Ski Club. It was my first wedding in Darwin and the beginning of the wedding season at the ski club. Monica and Rod, down to earth, entrusted me with capturing their special day.

The Wedding Vlog

With Monica hailing from Brazil and Rod being a Darwin local, their union brought together two cultures in a beautiful celebration. Let me share the highlights of this incredible wedding experience.

Preparations and Rehearsal

2 days before the wedding day, I met Monica, Rod, and with Micheal, the photographer, at the ski club. We had a chance to connect and discuss the upcoming wedding. Monica and Rod were incredibly easy-going and friendly, instantly creating a positive atmosphere. As we enjoyed some drinks, we went over the details of the wedding day, scheduled in a few days.

The Wedding Day

On the wedding day, the photographer Michael and I arrived at the Oaks, where the groom and his party were getting ready. 

The groomsmen were relaxed, engaging in friendly banter. After getting them dressed, we assured Rod that he could cool off and relax with his friends until it was time to leave. Meanwhile, we captured some stunning shots on the balcony overlooking the beautiful harbour.

Next, we headed downstairs to meet the bride and her party. The atmosphere was vibrant as they had their makeup done, enjoyed champagne, and celebrated together. The bride and bridesmaids had a fantastic time, creating lasting memories with selfies, laughter, and dancing. And let’s remember the champagne pp on the balcony. With the preparations complete, we moved on to the next phase of the day.

The Ceremony

The ceremony occurred at the Darwin Museum lawns, set under a magnificent tree with a sea view. The atmosphere was filled with anticipation as the couple’s loved ones gathered for this special occasion. We arrived early to film the pre-ceremony footage, including drone shots and interactions with the arriving guests. We also set up the live stream for 80+ people to watch the ceremony in Brazil!!

A Surprise Twist

During the ceremony, a surprise was revealed. Monica and Rod announced that they had already legally married months before, and this celebration was more of a commitment ceremony. It was a beautiful moment filled with love, hugs, and kisses. Capturing every angle, we ensured that no precious moment was missed.

Group Shots and Bridal Portraits

After the ceremony, we proceeded with group shots, capturing the joy and happiness of the couple’s family and friends. We then embarked on the bridal portraits, taking advantage of the breathtaking beach just behind the venue. Wanting the couple to have some moments of intimacy, we stepped back.

We let them enjoy each other’s company while we discreetly captured cinematic footage. The results were stunning, with the golden sunrays illuminating their time together.

Reception and Festivities

Before the big entrance, I seized the opportunity to enjoy a few moments of the afterglow of the sunset, reflecting on the journey that brought me to this moment.

As the bridal party joined the reception, the energy soared. The couple made a grand entrance, receiving cheers and applause from their excited guests. We had prepared our equipment, ensuring a smooth transition into the reception. 

The reception included heartfelt speeches, with Monica’s friend translating her address of unexpectedly finding love in Darwin. Rob’s brother, adding a touch of humour, delivered a speech that brought smiles to everyone’s faces. Dinner was served, and then the dance floor ignited with vibrant Brazilian music. The guests needed no encouragement to dance and celebrate, creating an incredible atmosphere throughout the evening.

Games and Farewell

The reception featured entertaining games, including the traditional bouquet toss and a trending social media game. The bride and groom chose a song and invited different groups of guests to join them on the dance floor for a memorable photo opportunity. The fun-filled dancing continued, and as the night ended, it was time for us to bid farewell.


The wedding at the Darwin Ski Club was an absolute stunner to capture. Monica and Rod’s connection, surrounded by fun bridesmaids and groomsmen, was the cherry on top of the cake. The warm, dry season provided the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable celebration.

It was a privilege to be a part of their special day, and I look forward to sharing more wedding stories.

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Until then, stay tuned for the next wedding blog.

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